Your laying in a bed ever so quiet

we are waiting for your eyelids to open


surrounded by people

who love


you birthed

into this world

someone I love

is awaiting

your voice

The wings

of angels


the masters


prevail thus

sweet child

most high

faint voice

love holds


hands praying

tender love

above .




Squeaks and Cracks your branches make Squeaks and Cracks as your limbs do shake Squeaks and Cracks the sounds you make Squeaks and Cracks as your core awakes Squeaks and Cracks as you shrivel and b…

Source: Squeaks

Spiral O Wahine

 Spiral O Wahine

Descend beside me

Wait oh Wahine

Your wisdom we need

Spiral oh Wahine

Tamariki they weep

Whakahokia oh Wahine

Your children they sleep

Spiral oh Wahine

Spiral on high

Battle is slowing

Dawn glistens the sky

Spiral oh Wahine

Earths creatures awaken

Peace on our coast

Complete is the sigh

Spiral oh Wahine

A towering totem

Call to the maiden Heni Te Po

Make fruitful and replenish

Our arms we implore

Spiral oh Wahine

Come near and see

The gift of your children

A portrait of me